Friday, December 16, 2005

    A Merry Christmas - Boxer Style

    So I check my email this morning and I have one of Senator Barbara Boxer's emails she sends out about once a month. I'm on her and many other mailing lists - it helps to know what stirs in the camp of the enemy.

    So this one starts out with:
    College education is a great investment, both for America's young people and for our nation. With a college degree, young people are more likely to increase their job opportunities and earnings; and our nation is in constant need of skilled, educated individuals from all walks of life.
    She then throws in her clincher - that at a time when college education is increasingly important it is becoming less affordable, and references some stats from the nonprofit College Board that the average tuition has increased. Her solution is to increase the amount taxpayer's money will go to grant programs.
    Underfunded collegiate grant programs, rising tuition, increased student debt, and barriers to entry into the higher education system for economically disadvantaged students together lead out country in the wrong direction. Please know I will continue working to create and support programs that make higher education more affordable for all Americans.
    Ah - those last two words - "all Americans". Either Ms. Boxer is stupid or she is deliberately lying to the American people. The increase in public education costs - especially in California - is because people like her allow the school system to take in illegal aliens. These leaches suck from the system without putting into it.

    Why are no school administrators being arrested for taking in illegal aliens? Even students know the truth about this - some 60,000 students have filed a class action lawsuit.
    A group of college students who've come to California from out of state is challenging a state law that allows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at colleges and universities.

    U.C. Davis student Chaning Jang has had it. The Hawaiian native is tired of paying $20,000 more in out-of-state tuition than undocumented immigrants students pay. Those immigrants pay the same as Californians.
    Stop trying to lie and deceive the American people Senator Boxer!

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