Monday, December 19, 2005

    A Merry Christmas - Throngs

    Christmas is usually not a season where one would thing a throng would be something special more than any other time of the year, but this year is special and thus this post. Now I would consider about 70% to be a throng - wouldn't you?

    The throng I'm talking about is the throng of voters in Iraq. This multitude of millions of voters - estimated between 10 million and 11 million - of Iraq's 15.5 million registered voters turned out to for the first elected democratic government in the Arab world - historic.

    So did the liberal press report it as such? Of course not. As predictable as a toilet flush the liberals resort to whatever means necessary to ignore this historic even of almost 11 million people by attempting to damage our national security with a liberal-leaked intelligence operation aimed at about 500 people - potentially very evil people - in the USA that were part of a list of contacts found in some Al Qaeda computer and documents.

    Throughout the attempt to gather intelligence or fight terrorism liberals in high places in our government have shown their true allegiance by turning against the interests of this country and the American people. Liberals have tried every step of the way to make the story appear as something other than what it really is - much like I used a picture of a thong about a story of the throng of Iraqi voters.

    The ease at which liberals trade the security of our country to expand their hatred for the Commander-In-Chief I find offensive and sickening. Liberals have continued to show themselves as a group that can never be trusted with the reigns of authority of our country. Liberals can not be trusted to protect our national security. Liberals can not be trusted with the rights of Americans. Liberals have shown a total disregard for our Constitution.

    Liberals would like to trick people into believing there are no enemies inside of our own country. They themselves are among our most subversively dangerous. Liberals have drafted the terrorist's bill-of-rights and the terrorists appreciate that. Liberals are now on a mission to protect the terrorists that are inside our country - some with driver's licenses and some even US citizens.

    Liberals do care - but not for the good people.

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