Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    A Merry Christmas - Union Style

    Millions of New Yorkers are experiencing the Christmas season - union style. In that predictable spirit of extortion the subway and bus unions - the Transport Workers Union - are telling the City of New York to cave into their demands or else.

    I think a few good questions that should be asked by New Yorkers are:
    • Why are extortionist unions in the public services sector?
    • Would life as we know it end if we voted that our public services could not be unionized?
    • We know liberals support unions and conservatives don't - so why is being liberal such a pain?
    I try not to do business with any entity that is union - I really try the best I can. Turns out that a union site offers an indirect way to know of non-union businesses. They have a Job Tracker search engine that is support to alert their unions clogs of companies in an area that are exporting jobs, have safety and health violations, or have violations of the labor law.

    They did seem to leave out a couple of categories:
    • Companies that are unionized and are driving that company into an increasingly non-competitive position.
    • Companies that are unionized and have put such high overhead expenses for a company (through extravagant healthcare costs, unreasonable wages, etc.) and are in bankruptcy or near bankruptcy.
    • Companies that are unionized that cause inconvenience or even life-threatening situations through extortionist strikes.
    Welcome to the liberal world New York!

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