Saturday, January 28, 2006

    Senator Cindy Sheehan?

    Liberals and anti-American activists love Cindy Sheehan. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez loves her too - well, maybe if nothing else but for a quickie, and they do share the same socialistic agendas. While her son gave his life for freedom she's spreading for a socialist leader that has quashed all dissent in his country, shutting down the free press and harassing or imprisoning his political opponents.

    None-the-less, Cindy is leveraging her power of getting into the mainstream media by threatening California's Liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein - a Senator that Cindy thinks is not liberal enough.

    Cindy's threat?
    Sheehan released a statement in which she warned Sen. Feinstein that if she did not filibuster Alito, Sheehan would run against Feinstein in the upcoming senate election.

    Senator Feinstein has changed her mind and decided to support the filibuster - yet made it clear Cindy's threat had nothing to do with her decision so as to hide her embarrassment of capitulation.

    It looks like Socialists have adapted Cindy as their poster babe - the Cubans already call her Mother Courage. While Cindy uses cute little phrases like "It is the way I can honor my dead son" we know the truth - her son would disown his mother for taking a stand against what he gave his life for. Cick Cindy - the perfect liberal.

    Personally I'd like to see Cindy as Senator - it would help expose the real agenda of liberals.

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