Friday, January 27, 2006

    So Many Links - A Glimps Of The Week

    This day (disputed somewhat) back in 1926 John Baird gave the first public demonstration of a true television system - originally named by him as a televisor. Little did he know that in the future it would be the weapon of choice for liberal mass distortion in an attempt to dictate the national agenda.
    All the union and anti-Wal-Mart activists were not able to lie to a record-breaking 24,500 Chicagoans who stood in lines to apply for employment at a new Wal-Mart. Guess not everyone is so gullible to the voice of the union machine.
    The murdering terrorist group Hamas was able to get elected by pro-terrorist, anti-Israel voters in Palestine. This was no surprise to me and is no different than if Osama had an election with his supporters and they voted for him. Terrorists stick with terrorists and now, instead of a few hooded murderers, there is an elected violent, totalitarian jihad country. Ah - another defined target.
    The retort to the upcoming State of the Union address will be given by Democrat Governor Tim Kaine. The gay-love'n liberals are all in a tizzy because this Democrat is against homosexual marriage. Oh cry me some pink tears.
    Visiting various liberal blogs I found none that expressed outrage at the 60-day sentence that Vermont Judge handed to a child molester/rapist. Liberals choose to support criminals and not the innocent - even a child. Liberals are sick indeed.
    With all the typical lies from pro-terrorist groups attacking the President because of taping the phones of international-calling terror suspects the American people are not buying it. The American people know Bush could care less about their phone call to Auntie Jane (with the exception of paranoid liberals). A slight majority would like it checked out however. This per a Gallup Poll a couple of days ago. Aw, too bad.
    The strongest puppets of the liberal activist groups Kennedy and Kerry still plan to launch a filibuster against the nomination of the Honorable Judge Alito. With their heads up their ass they seem to be blind that big name Democrats are aware of the qualifications of this good judge and plan to vote to confirm - Senator Tim Johnson, Senator Robert Byrd, Senator Ben Nelson. I'm sure there will be more to come. The Gallup Poll a couple of days ago reveals:
    Most Americans favor confirmation of Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice, and a plurality would find a Democratic filibuster against his nomination unjustified.

    Bush is spoiling all the fun for the male-dominated government in Egypt. Bush and his push for democracy might be the reason women in Egypt are demanding more political clout. Isn't freedom fun?
    Coming Monday: The Liberal's 23rd Psalm! Even though they don't believe in the Bible they do have their own version and it will be here Monday!

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