Friday, February 10, 2006

    The Equations Of The Liberals

    It's like liberals think they are on some kind of roll and are determined to make LaLaLand more of a reality than ever before. Consider these examples:

    Love criminals + hate justice + deception = Liberals
    Michael Morales, admitted to raping and murdering a 17 year old girl 25 years ago in California. Now CA is well known for taking its time to administer justice and Morales case is no different - over a quarter of a century has passed since his brutal attack, plenty of time to make him look almost innocent again. Well this worthless scum is scheduled to be executed this month - Feb. 21. Already one of those pro-criminal, anti-victim judges, U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel, is considering stopping the execution. Just another example of how just 1 liberal in the wrong place can alter our justice system.

    Hate Bush + Hate Bush + Hate Bush = Liberals
    Now, for a price of course, liberals can drool over a new book published by Nation Books, Bushit!: An A-Z Guide to the Bush Attack on Truth, Justice, Equality, and the American Way. This one should be on the shelf of every liberal, right next to all their other hate guides.

    Liberal Media + Hate Bush + Lies = Liberals
    While Liberal Democrat Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (is he even legal?) whined and cried and lied how he was blindsided (in the words of liberal ABC News) about Bush's announcement of an attack in Los Angeles (ABC News referes to it as "a purported 2002 plot", as if to try and claim it was not true), the reality - in the face of the liberal LA mayor's claim - was that he really was informed after all. Once confronted with the facts (that he was aware of while the lies flowed from his liberal mouth) he changed his tune and is now mad because he didn't receive a personal call from the White House. Another Liberal Leader - lying to the American people.

    Hate + defeat + lies + blame others = Liberals.
    Today at FrontPageMag they have an article The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. We all know of Ward Churchill - that liberal professor at the University of Colorado that has taken his anti-American agenda around the country in speeches (for a price of course). Well turns out this worthless scum hasn't quite been upfront on his credentials - at least to the American people he tries to indoctrinate. Liberals love him like some hero, especially when he makes statements that the 9/11 victims were "little Eichmanns" who deserved their fate.

    Anyhow, turns out this department head, receiving an annual salary of $120,000, doesn't even have a doctorate - a standard requirement for tenured positions, especially chair heads. His training was as a graphic artist - nothing to do with Ethnic Studies. His Masters degree was from a third-rate experimental college that didn't even give grades back in the 1970's. To get hired he lied in order to qualify for an affirmative action hire claiming he was a member of the Keetoowah Band of the Cherokee tribe. In fact, his ancestors were Anglo-Saxon and the Keetoowah Band had publicly rejected him.

    But the facts don't matter to the hate-driven liberals, they keep wanting this scumbag to speak at their university or college. Liberals do love their own to keep their hate pumped up.

    Clintons + Criminals + Terrorist Regimes + Nukes = Liberals.
    This most timely and dangerous equation of the Liberals will come next week, when I detail with plenty of facts and links - I do so love to expose the enemies of America!

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