Friday, February 17, 2006

    Huge White House Cover-Up Exposed

    If you thought the Dick Cheney delayed response to his hunting accident was big news, you will be astounded by the flash news that just came over the CBS news alert. As we all are aware, Harry Belafonte chose not to attend the Coretta Scott King funeral. Well there is more to this than the obvious.

    Harry Belafonte, who while along side of Hugo Chavez - socialist dictator of Venezuela, called Bush:
    The greatest terrorist in the world
    stood proudly with Louis FairyKhan last night and gave this revealing announcement:
    There is a greater civil rights violation this corrupt administration has perpetrated upon the American people. Both Mr. Belafonte were eye witnesses, hearing with our own ears, the truth revealed by beings not of this planet.
    Mr. FairyKhan continued to explain that the Bush administration, through Halliburton, has embedded nano-probes into the minds of many Americans. Mr. FairyKhan revealed:
    These probes played an important part even in Hurricane Katrina when an undisclosed signal emitted by a super-secret satellite caused the good people of New Oreleans not to think clearly - it clouded their judgement and caused the leaders not to think rationally and the common folk to ignore warnings to evacuate - all before I witnessed Bush agents planting explosives at the levees.
    CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and other major media have been asking the White House for a response to this charge. FoxNews has chosen to wait for facts. CBS has even resurrected Dan Rather to cover this personally:
    There is total denial so obviously there is a cover-up, we've seen this before - so obviously the President is feeling the pressure to stop lying to the American people and tell the truth.

    And what of Dick Cheney - and this so-called shooting accident. Was it a failed attempt to extend this cover-up? After all, he (Cheney) gets over a billion dollars a month from Halliburton, so obviously there is guilt to yet be revealed.
    From Senator Hillary Clinton:
    A tendency of this administration from the top all the way to the bottom (and believe me, I know what it's like to take the bottom position) is to withhold information, to resist legitimate requests for information, to refuse to be forthcoming.

    This administration continues to try and make fools of us all.
    Along with Senators Kennedy, Kerry, and Feinstein a demand for a special consul to investigate these charges immediately has been initiated.

    Mr. FairyKhan gave additional information about these nano probes and how to detect them:
    If you move from a darkened room out to a sunny cloudless day - and you find yourself squinting - you have the Bush nano-bug embedded in you, and you will not be responsible for your actions.
    Actor Richard Drypuss said:
    This is just another reason impeaching Bush is a cause worth fighting for. I'm not one of those crazy liberals, but consider myself a libo - homo - conservo - middle - of - the - roado. If you don't believe me then listen to my interview on Air America. Hey, after all, I'm from California!

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