Thursday, February 16, 2006

    Look! I Helped Them Made A Better Bomb!

    When you hear an atomic weapon has exploded in Israel, the USA, or perhaps some European city think of the Clintons. Know they helped terrorists make that bomb better.

    Col. Edward McCallum was the former head of the DOE's office of Safeguards and Security stated December 13, 2001 in a article:
    Every terrorist country was represented at the labs, either as post-doctoral workers and students assigned there, or as visitors. Iran, Syria - you name it, we had them from all of those places.
    In 1992, a year before the Clintons got the White House, there were just 31 foreign nationals from sensitive countries. That number number soared to 182 in 1999, with two more years left in the Clinton administration. Those were just the more permanent staff and does not include the over 10,700 visitors:
    In 1998 alone, the three major labs, plus Oak Ridge in Tennessee, hosted more than 10,700 foreign visitors and academic assignees, some of whom stayed on site for as long as two years, according to the House Science Committee, which oversees the labs. Those from sensitive countries totaled more than 3,100.
    McCallum's assessment on the Clintons security efforts to protect our nuclear secrets?
    "They kicked the doors wide open," McCallum said, despite his protests. "They were encouraging visitation."
    Plans to place nuclear weapons where ever terrorists want can also be done in secrecy, thanks to the Liberal Clinton Administration. Peter M. Leitner, a senior strategic trade adviser at the Defense Department said in an interview with WorldNetDaily (link titled Clinton equipped terror sponsors):
    The technology that would allow these terrorists to mask their communications was given away, hand over fist, by the Clinton administration . . . he previous administration rubber-stamped the shipment of top-end military-related telecommunications equipment to Syria, which is on the FBI's list of sensitive countries that pose a threat to U.S. security.
    There is an incredible amount of solid fact, proof, history, evidence available through the internet - yet we hear nothing about this from our media. The people that Clinton appointed to oversee nuclear security and the security of our country were told to open our vaults of secrets, let them in. People like Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary who would go on trips to Pakistan, India, Africa, Syria - inviting their scientists to come on over, "We have technology to share".

    Then there is Rose Gottemoeller, a proponent of radical anti-nuclear proposals was (thanks to then Secretary Richardson) stealthily elevated in early 1999 to the status of Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nonproliferation (aka, disarm America) and National Security. The typical spin when the Clinton reality was exposed? Chop heads.

    One good resource that groups a good amount of this information and so much more is already grouped in a good book titled Infiltration, by Paul Sperry, in chapter 22 - Loose Nukes. He details people like Michael Stubbs, a heating and air-conditioning technician for about 10 years at LLNL east of San Francisco. In 2004 he was arrested by the FBI for ties to al-Qaida linked groups.

    So much data, so little space. At your convenience, some reading material - a subset of millions:

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