Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Rosenbergs + Clintons = Common Ground

    On June 19, 1953 Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed for giving secrets of the new atomic bomb program to the Soviet Union. Keeping in mind what they gave to the Soviets was pretty basic - the atomic bomb program was barely a decade old - but their betrayal to the United States, of which they were citizens of, cost them their lives. Socialists and pacifists will argue otherwise, but that's no surprise.

    In Cuba these traitors are heroes, and Fidel Castro has named schools after them. In June 2000 Harry Belafonte (a friend of the Clintons) was the featured speaker at a rally in Cuba to honor these traitors. To Castro these traitors are heroes because they gave the communist world enough information to rapidly construct an atomic weapon of their own.

    The Soviet Union, although a communist nation at the time, was also a responsible superpower and didn't go slamming nukes into countries they didn't like. Yet - the Rosenberg's were executed none the less. It wasn't as if they gave the secrets to some terrorist countries right?

    The principles of an atomic bomb are really quite simple. A suicide bomber could ram together two non-critical masses (must be Uranium in this case) and when joined (in reality the pieces would pre-detonate before they actually touched), they become a critical mass (excessive neutrons eject even more neutrons) and all that makes for a bad day. Anyone can get an abundance of information on the internet - long unclassified. The trick is to get the required materials. Fission varieties are the easiest, with fusion varieties a bit more complicated.

    Actually, there are two tricks when it comes to nuclear weapons - obtaining the materials is the hard part and without the necessary Uranium or Plutonium you won't even have to worry about the second trick.

    The second trick is (was) still secret - basically how to get the most bang for the buck. Just slapp'n together some U-235 will get an explosion, but nothing like if it could be done more efficiently.

    Now what I can't understand is how the Rosenberg's could be executed for revealing the most basics of the atomic bomb (which I agree they should have), yet the Clintons were never charged with anything for giving away atomic secrets to enemy nations - including every terrorist country. Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Muslims, etc. - given secrets to our most powerful weapons we have, and what makes them so powerful.

    I will continue this tomorrow, with plenty of links and references. Tomorrow you will find out how during their reign in the White House for 8 years the Clinton Klan had mandated the exposure of top-secret nuclear data to our enemies. The Rosenbergs and the Clintons have something in common.

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