Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Now You Want To Be My Governor Huh?

    We have a beautiful state with a worthless Governor right now. About the only thing he does consistently is to order the flag to be flown at half-mask for almost anything. Otherwise, our current Democrat has made Oregon a worse state, not better.

    Oregon, like a number of other states, will have an election for Governor soon. To a state this position is like the President of the nation. A Governor can wield much power, much influence, and if you think of it in terms of a corporation - the CEO of the Corporation of the State of Oregon. The issues that I consider paramount to me in this upcoming election are not unique to Oregon, so feel free to consider the same issues for whatever state you live in. Arranged alphabetically they are:

    Abortion - a hotly debated topic a Governor has little say in this. Only the US Supreme Court and the US Congress can alter this course - so to make this an issue is really to throw a smoke screen to the constituents. Even if the topic of notifying a parent of a teen's abortion is not only minor but not an issue worth sticking to if more important issues are ignored. So many core issues end up affecting pregnancy that Conservatives sometimes get hung up on this and let liberal agendas slide pass - which actually promote sexual promiscuity. Do not try and hide your real agenda by saying you're pro-live, anti-live, semi-life, whatever - you have no say in the matter.

    Education - The candidate that wants my vote must be in favor of advancing alternatives to the failed union-based public school system. He/she must advance the cause of vouchers that give parents greater freedom of choice for their children. The advancement of charter schools must be at the top of the education agenda. The eventual demise of the failed union-based public school system must be the ultimate goal in order to purse the very best for the education of our children. Oregon schools suck, Oregon teachers are among the poorest rated in the nation. Ya just don't keep throwing more money at a failed system.

    Illegal aliens - My Governor must take an active stance against illegal aliens. From an immediate action with the DMV to stop issuing licenses to illegal aliens to severe punishment for any employer that hires an illegal alien. The Governor that gets my vote must also be against the current Bush policy, re-enforced with the new budget, of granting worker status to illegal aliens currently in our state and country. (Read the last paragraph in that link) My Governor will state his opposition personally and directly so there is no doubt. This is an issue that affects schools, prisons, taxes, safety, crime, etc. I rank this as the most important social issue that touches all other issues.

    Prisons - My Governor would reduce costs of prisons immediately in various ways. Prisoners do not need cable and/or satellite television - that has to go. Prisoners do not have a constitutional right to internet access - gone. Prisoners do not need to smoke - gone. My Governor should return prisons to an institution to be avoided instead of the "not such a bad place to be" facility.

    Public Facilities - My Governor must be willing to immediately issue an order that only two flags fly on Oregon public buildings - that of the USA and the State of Oregon. We are not the country of Mexico and any flags other than the aforementioned two would be illegal, with termination of the individuals that abuse the flagpoles of the citizens of Oregon.

    More later. I am not influenced by slander, accusations, etc. It is best to hear the words from the mouths of the candidates themselves, so please don't email me with statements of other people's opinions - I could care less. If the candidates can't speak for themselves then they shouldn't even be running for office.

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