Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Mo-itis - Bad Genes? - Symptoms Global!

    Well happy Ash Wednesday. Starting a new month I like to review the progress of Mo-itis around the globe. The best place I know to get the real picture is not ABC, NBC, CBS, no - not even the Fox News channel. I go to The Religion of Peace.

    Last months counts: 890 DEAD and 1,542 INJURED - just for February, 2006 - not bad for the numbers if you're a Muslim. From India to Russia, from Iraq to Thailand, from Afghanistan to France and everywhere in-between Muslims are slaughtering in the name of Mo-hammed. Even in Nigeria:
    Muslim mobs take out their rage on Christians in yet a third Nigerian state, killing at least twenty-five and injuring over one-hundred in a two-day spree.
    Some thoughts to consider:
    • You really think Muslim Iraq should possess nukes?
    • You really think Muslim UAE should manage our ports?
    • You really think Muslims should be teaching in the USA?
    Muslim groups even in America (like CAIR) have sworn to take control of America - whether by force or warping our own Constitution and manipulating their way to power - and control.

    An analyst made this dire statement just a few days ago - Analyst Predicts Muslim Majority in Russia Within 30 Years:
    "Within most of our lifetimes the Russian Federation, assuming it stays within current borders, will be a Muslim country," he said. "That is it will have a Muslim majority and even before that the growing number of people of Muslim background in Russia will have a profound impact on Russian foreign policy. The assumption in Western Europe or the United States that Moscow is part of the European concert of powers is no longer valid."
    The foolish still think this is all Bush's fault. You better dust off your history books - if you can break away from watching American Idol or some (so-called) reality show. Why some people keep protecting these idiots are beyond me, and why they keep trying to convince the world there was never any WMD's in the hands of Saddam is beyond me as well (link from simoncat).

    Credit for the cartoon for this post goes to David Horsey of the Seattle PI.

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