Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    You Know Where This Finger's Been?

    Saddam Hussein hates President Bush. President Bush has totally ruined Saddam's future as a murdering dictator, user and possessor of WMD's, and sugar daddy to the French and Germans. Now he is on a hunger strike. If this is really so, then I say let him starve himself to death. I doubt he would, he doesn't strike me as having any fortitude, just a loud mouth. He was hoping so much that liberals in the USA would help him out more than they already have.
    The White House was bombarded with angry media for not releasing information about Cheney's hunting accident. Foaming at the mouth these scandal-hungry vultures felt deprived at potential road kill (no pun intended - or maybe it was). Seems to me Cheney was on his personal time and it was not anyone's business. Like do I care if a lawyer gets shot? The only think I see wrong was Cheney's license to hunt lawyers had expired. Gee - wonder how many people fish and hunt without proper licenses. I think we should put this in prospective - the Cheney Accident vs. Kennedy "Accident".
    And what is the BFD about Jack Abramoff and pictures with President Bush? BFD. I wonder how many thousands of people have had their picture taken with President Bush - heck, some might have been criminals. Liberals want you to believe the President knows each one personally. Get the picture? (Pun intended) The best one with Bush and Abramoff I've seen is JA way in the background in a picture with lots of other people. Now if we're talking about his function as a lobbyist, then I guess you're talking about situations like when the two K's were flown around in private jets huh? Yep - Kennedy and Kerry enjoying private jet rides out of the country.
    WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was whisked to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic aboard a Fisher Scientific International Inc. corporate jet last winter.

    Sen. John F. Kerry and two political aides flew from Salt Lake City to a retreat for campaign donors and staff at his family's Ketchum, Idaho, vacation home last fall on a plane supplied by Boston Capital, a nationally prominent real estate financing and investment firm.

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