Monday, March 27, 2006

    Learning To Be Liberal - Class 101

    If you are a liberal and you want to be a better liberal, or your situation is changing in such a way that you feel becoming a liberal might be a good fit for the new you, then here are some tips to follow to obtain that liberal mindset.

    First it's very important to understand that liberal ideas closely follow those of socialism. Things like unions, more government control, etc. When the term liberal is mentioned, it applies to socialism as well. Look at it this way - you will never find a socialist that is not a liberal. Also it is important to know that not all Democrats are liberals, just like not all Republicans are conservatives.


    Liberals don't like Christianity and as a liberal you should blame all of the worlds woes on both the Christian and Jewish religions. You will be happy when those of either religion are killed and sad - even outspoken - when other religions such as Muslims are under some attack. Take for example Abdul Rahman - a convert to Christianity from Muslim. There are a couple of reasons a good liberal will want to see him executed. First, it would appear to be a slap in the face for democracy in Afghanistan and second, a practicing liberal doesn't like Christians. The good liberal leaders like Clinton, Gore, Kennedy, Kerry, etc. were completely silent when it came to demanding the release of Abdul Rahman - you be too.

    Motivation Techniques

    A good liberal will learn powerful motivational techniques. Perhaps the strongest one is guilt. Guilt tactics are effective with many, especially if you throw in phrases like "would Jesus like it" and "the poor and children will suffer". Other effective motivational phrases are good to use even in group and organizational names, especially to convey the appearance of patriotism. Established groups such as "American Civil Liberties Union", "World Court", "Air America Radio", "Project Vote", "Cry Justice!", etc. - there are thousands.


    A good liberal will demand that the only education be government controlled and government owned. Any attempts by those conservatives to push for such anti-government control as vouchers and charter schools must be met with strong resistance. Parents must not be given a choice for their children - they all should be made to attend the government public system - stripped of anything to do with Judaism and Christianity, of course. Even now strong efforts are underway to indoctrinate children at even a younger age into state-controlled preschool. Note: As a liberal you should appreciate the title of that link "Free Preschool" while at the same time the last paragraph tells the cost will be $2.4 billion to California taxpayers. As a liberal you will learn to be deceptive and lie.

    Return to class for Liberalism 102 tomorrow!

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