Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Mind Boggling March So Far

    This is only the second day in March and I have to be both stunned, yet not surprised. We live on a planet that is strange but true. Now maybe I'm too binary on some issues (so I've been told) so I present the following with an open (but laughing) mind.

    From San Francisco:
    Leftist San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval called for San Francisco's Democrat congressional delegation to seek the impeachment of President Bush. Sandoval is the SF Supervisor who recently said that the US needs to completely do away with the US military and that "local police and fire departments" would protect San Francisco from any terrorist attacks.
    After taking their vote the city supervisors all hugged and kissed each other, skipping in their elf slippers from their pink council chambers to their private rooms for some chanting.
    From Afghanistan:
    President Bush said he is "confident" that bin Laden will be brought to justice. He said both Afghan and Pakistani forces are on the hunt for bin Laden and for those who plotted with him.
    I'm not sure he can find this one person to "bring to justice" when he has been unable to find millions of illegal aliens right under his nose and bring them to justice - or give them the boot out of our country.
    Pakistan wants US President George W Bush to push for a new law banning blasphemy (outlawing blasphemous caricatures of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which have caused violent protests throughout the country and Muslim world.
    Obviously President General Pervez Musharraf is not aware we have a Constitution giving individuals freedom of speech. While Pakistan has been helpful in the war on terror we have yet to see their demand for this help!
    From a Financial Times article:
    Bill Clinton, former US president, advised top officials from Dubai two weeks ago on how to address growing US concerns over the acquisition of five US container terminals by DP World.

    It came even as his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, was leading efforts to derail the deal.
    Ok, if Bill Clinton is involved you have to know something very shady is going on. Heck, even Hillary knows that - she's against her lying husband on this one. Guess she almost fried on that White Water investigation and she's staying far away from Billy's endorsement on this one.
    From Los Angeles:
    Pledging to eliminate the city's $245 million budget deficit over the next five years, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Wednesday that tough choices will have to be made and did not rule out new taxes.
    Sorry Antonio - unless you suck more money from the taxpayers the only way you'll eliminate your debt is to push all those illegal aliens back across the border!
    From Washington D.C.:
    The Bush administration, stung by the public outcry over the Dubai port deal, has begun a national-security investigation of another Dubai-owned company set to take over plants in Georgia and Connecticut that make precision components used in engines for military aircraft and tanks.

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