Friday, March 03, 2006

    Two Easy Weekend Predications

    Sometimes what might seem like a mystical predication is really just stating the obvious. I can make a couple of such predications for this weekend regarding both Portland, Oregon as well as Hollywood, California.

    For Portland I predict deceit and lies from the press, both in and out of the Portland metro area. Why? Because tomorrow, Saturday - March 4th, 11:00 AM, at the Auditorium Parking Garage at the corner of 3rd and Columbia Sts. SW, near the KOIN Tower there will be the No Amnesty Counter Rally to the March for Immigrant Justice. Signs with slogans such as:
    • Illegal Immigration is a Crime
    • STOP illegals from taking U.S. jobs
    • Enforce Immigration Laws
    • NO Guest Worker Amnesty
    are encouraged, as are camera and video recorders.

    Now if this event is anything like the smaller protect against illegal aliens that took place a few weeks ago in Eugene, OR, I predict the liberal media will portray this rally as racist, as anti-immigration - and not tell the truth - just like the Register Guard misled the American public in Eugene.
    Sunday is Oscar night in Hollywood. I predict the usual Bush-bashing, pro-gay, anti-death penalty, pro-racist, anti-war, pro-terrorist protective statements (especially boring NSA jokes), anti-capitalist rhetoric from this group of multi-millionaire elite - especially from the host of their self-gratification ritual, Jon Stewart Leibowitz (yeah, his real name). Jon was not their first choice, but Billy Crystal just refuses to host it. I predict this will be a time to reward any movie that promotes degradation of morals, awards to documentary's that portray the USA as some enemy of the world. (Check Ann Coulter's Oscar predictions too, thanks Bob!)

    Also, I predict that there will be seen a few grateful performers - true artisans that are gracious and focused on the purpose of the event, choosing not to abuse the moment for some exceedingly obvious political platform.

    Another view of what Hollywood awards: The Academy Awards: Whose Vote Really Counts?

    Have a great weekend!

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