Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    The World Is A Tiny Bit Better

    I do not watch CBS news (Communist Bureau of SLUGS) and I wouldn't even trust them to be honest delivering the weather. The fact that one of their elite SLUGS mouthpiece was dumped yesterday (finally) was good news - but hardly enough to restore any sense of credibility.

    I watched part of Good Morning last Sunday which included a part with Dan Rather interviewing Dick DeGuerin, an attorney that has represented high profile clients as well as his current client - Tom DeLay. In true Rather-not-tell-the-truth form, Dan, when talking about Dick's techniques, asks "is that how you plan to get Tom DeLay off the hook?". Really Dan, that slimy statement was so you - SLUGS to the core. Dan tries to infer that Tom DeLay has some situation that he needs to get "off the hook" from.

    Did worthless CBS anchor Dan Rather have an agenda that he used CBS as a sounding board from? Did dirty Dan leave the realm of unbiased reporting of facts and take on the SLUGS way for his decades as an anchor for CBS? Rather was the keynote speaker at a SLUGS fundraiser and his daughter is a SLUGS activist.

    Dan doesn't discuss this last big blunder - of attempting to frame President Bush, something he never apologized to the President nor the Bush family.

    So when CBS will "honor" their prize SLUGS mouthpiece Dan Rather, I wonder if they will mention:
    • How Dan stole credit for being the first to report that Kennedy died back in 1963 - when really it was Eddie Barker that first reported it after receiving word through a doctor acquaintance directly from the hospital?
    • How Dan used children as reporters from around the world descended on the Texas city, Rather went on the air with a local Methodist minister who made a stunning claim: Children at Dallas's University Park Elementary School had cheered when told of the president's death. The tale was perfect for the moment, reinforcing the notion among distant media elites that Dallas was a reactionary "City of Hate." A story that wasn't true, and Rather knew it.
    • How Dan declared in 1987 how Soviet citizens liked Communism and didn't want Western-style democracy?
    • How Dan often spoke against corporations, yet was happy to become richer off of CBS without complaints.
    Way too much for a one day blog. SLUGS lie to the American people, and one of their central mouth pieces is gone. Too bad the whole CBS monolith can't just go away, the world would be such a better place. Only SLUGS will be sad that Rather is out.

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