Monday, August 14, 2006

    Big Fat Lies

    Yeah, yeah - there are always people that need something. There are plenty of organizations that have a primary agenda to extract as much money from people to address these needy issues. But what about governments that use taxpayer monies - giving millions or even billions of dollars away just because enough whiners get the media spotlight?

    Take the billions spent on AIDS in Africa - a total waste with 96% ending up in the hands of corrupt officials and warlords.

    Then there are the hundreds of agencies that solicit money for the hungry - all of which will throw pictures of little children in your face to make you feel guilty that you are eating more then some children on the other side of the world. Celebrities are good at that exploitation - they make sure there are cameras rolling then they make themselves look oh so compassionate. After the camera stop they run back to one of their mansions - until it's time for some more free publicity.

    We there's no reason any longer to worry that more of the planets over-population are starving. From an article in The Standard entitled Fat people overtaking the hungry ones:
    The world now has more overweight people than hungry ones and governments should design economic strategies to influence national diets, an international conference heard Monday.

    The transition happened with dramatic speed, American professor Barry Popkin told the annual conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. "The reality is that globally, far more obesity than undernutrition exists," said Popkin, adding that while hunger is slowly declining, obesity is rapidly spreading.
    What's really sickening is that governments were blamed for letting people starve. Now governments are blamed for letting people get fat. What is needed is statistics to show how people are becoming less responsible for themselves and expecting government to nurture them. That is the liberal way - government is the center of all life.

    Picture from Right Wing Howler.

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