Friday, August 11, 2006

    The Mecca-Dots

    Connect the dots - a game of skill. The principles apply to intelligence gathering as well as evidence collection. In both cases the goal is to determine a pattern, to find some common thread that reveals the truth.

    When President Bush gave his short speech yesterday about the foiled mass murder attempt using transatlantic American jets he warned the listeners that we are "at war with Islamic fascists". President Bush knows how to connect the dots. Fox News doesn't hide the facts. CNSNews.com doesn't hide the facts. Conservatives (even conservative Democrates) can see the dots.

    Liberal media hides the dots from their viewers - just like the public relations arm of the Muslim terrors (CAIR) demands. Nihad Awad, executive director of CAIR, believes Bush should not even mention Islam when referring to the would-be terrorists. Muslims cover for Muslims.

    This CAIR will never associate any terrorist plot or terrorist murders with the word "Muslim". It is their duty to hide the dots, to deflect potential dot-connectors, to do the public relations spin on the truth. Their game is Hide the Mecca-Dots.

    Can you connect the dots (action - who dun it)? Just a very tiny, tiny fraction of the numbers of dots accumulating over the past decades:
    • Recently foiled airline (many) mass murders - Muslims
    • Hezbollah - Muslims
    • Seattle Jewish Federation murder, shooting - Muslim
    • Senator Robert Kennedy assassination - Muslim
    • All 9/11 hijackers, murderers - Muslims
    • Montreal Massacre of 1989 - Muslim
    • Nicholas Berg ritual murder - Muslims
    • Christian wife, husband, two girls savagely mutilated January 13, 2005 in their Jersey City home in the USA - Muslims
    • Over 5,550 innocent people (and growing daily) murdered since 9/11 - Muslims
    Post 9/11 or pre-9/11 - so many murders, beheadings, beatings, attacks, suicide bombers, violence, rapes, tortures - by Muslims. These are the facts - the dots - that Muslims and the liberals don't want you to connect.

    It will get worse before it gets better, and the liberals, the media, and the deceptive demands from Muslim organizations to hide the dots will be to blame. Local, state, and Federal law enforcement are also to blame for not informing Americans of all the facts. These are not isolated incidents. Let the dots speak for themselves - there are thousands.

    Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your flight.

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