Friday, August 25, 2006

    Final Jeopardy Friday

    A: It makes no distinction if the target is conservative or liberal, whether a celebrity or politician, woman or child.
    Q: What is the Islamist Al-Hesbah website's How to Kill a Westerner?

    A: If a Muslim can't fight in jihad directly then they must help the jihad through donations, public relations, provide Jihad TV, etc.
    Q: What is Islamic Law?

    A: Turning Americans into roadkill, they cause thousands of deaths yearly and continue to care less for the laws of the USA.
    Q: Who are illegal Mexicans?

    A: They claim to have a plan to attack global warming but have no plan to attack the terrorists that want to kill us.
    Q: Who are liberals?

    A: In their push for reducing the USA into a global melting pot they continue to shove their socialistic concepts to American children.
    Q: Who are liberals?

    A: It's just one of many good accomplishments happening in Iraq that you'll never hear from the liberal media.
    Q: What is Operation Together Forward

    A: She has an agenda to water down our Constitution and put our country under the auspices of the UN.
    Q: Who is Hillary Clinton?

    A: It's the trendy religion of choice with socialists and pacifists that gives them the appearance of being spiritual.
    Q: What is Taoism?

    A: Their country's population has topped the 60 million mark for the first time, many of which are Muslims flowing in to eventually conquer, and increasing the socialistic support to the working class in the form of even higher taxes.
    Q: What is Great Britain?

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