Thursday, August 24, 2006

    Jeopardy Thursday

    A: She is the Carter-appointed federal judge that ruled against the anti-terrorist NSA wiretapping that has been found to be an ACLU member/contributor.
    Q: Who is Anna Diggs Taylor?

    A: They are the deadly kidnappers who abducted two FOX news reporters recently. (CAUTION: CAIR might tag you as being a profiler!)
    Q: Who are Muslims?

    A: If you're a lawyer representing a Christian convert from Islam you will face this.
    Q: What is death?

    A: He was the Palestinian Arab Muslim that assassinated Senator Robert Kennedy. Muslim terrorists that invaded the Saudi Embassy in Khartoum demanded his release.
    Q? Who was Sirhan Sirhan?

    A: He tried to get some political sway from his absurd coagulation about global warming, including how this years hurricane season was going to be more deadly than previous years - but the cooling ocean temperatures sort of proved it was only his breath that was overheated.
    Q: Who is Al Gore?

    A: He sent a letter to Cammandante Fidel Castro in the name of Allah.
    Q: Who is anti-American socialist Louie Farrakhan?

    A: It has a multi-billion dollar budget of American tax payer's money, has funded artists such as Andres Serrano, whose artworks include a photograph of a crucifix submerged in urine, is a super-protector of the school unions, and does absolutely nothing to improve the education of children.
    Q: What is the National Education Association?

    A: They are hosting Mohammad Khatami, former president of Iran, to speak at the Washington D.C. National Cathedral as an honourable Muslim official.
    Q: Who is CAIR?

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