Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    HOWTO: Be A Tough Manly Muslim

    So you are a Muslim male and you want to be a tough guy like the older Muslim males right? You need some pointers on how to look tough, how to be manly, how to show everyone around you that you're tough - you da man - no one better mess with you! Well JustaDog is here to help you become a Muslim manly man.
    • Get use to kissing other males. Whether you suck beard, swap Muslim tongue, or rub cheeks make sure you show your love for the Muslim male.
    • Never ever kiss a female in public since this will show that you are weak and not willing to suck beard.
    • Know that your male sex is superior and always belittle the female and dominate her.
    • Islam has come up with this groovy faux legal code called Sharia that enforces the male superiority - you have the edge over those low-life females in all things (you can even rape them and get away with it!)
    • If you're planning a career in terrorism make sure you target women and children - it will make you look tough and you will gain respect.
    • If you marry know that in Islam it's ok for you to have several wives and even engage prostitutes as "temporary wives" (your wife better not cheat on you or you will be within your legal right to have her killed).
    • To be a manly Muslim keep those females from becoming educated. They should only learn enough to serve the superior Muslim male most excellently.
    • Don't embrace the concept of beauty that the non-Muslim has. Beauty to you will be an unshaved beard of another Muslim male (suck it), the Muslim male body, or the sight of women and children frightened.
    • If you serve to fight for Islam and have to clear a mine field only use women or children for this job - they are disposable. If in combat, embed yourself among the women and children - they will be your shield.
    • Keep your female enslaved - it shows you are in control. Don't let your owned female be seen by others - keep her covered. If she dare flash some ankle or wrist then beat her - it is your right as the tough guy Muslim male.
    • Never engage non-Muslim males alone - especially an American soldier, you aren't that tough!

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