Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Le Common Sense Solutions For Life

    Life includes problems, and we are defined by how we solve those problems - or if we even try. The trend over the years would seem to show people more willing to blame others for their problems than assume responsibility for them. Conservatives tend to want control over their own lives (freedom and choice). Liberals tend to want their lives controlled by others (and therefore can blame others if their lives are not perfect).

    Q: I'm 22, married, two children with another on the way. My wife and I make minimum wages and we are barely able to make ends meet. Shouldn't you be in favor of increasing the minimum wage?
    A: Why are you having children when you can not even afford to take care of yourself? Your actions up to now show gross irresponsibility. Did you as a child aspire to achieve a minimum wage job? Your solution is to get some skills that will provide you with a better paying job, and cut your cords!

    Q: I'm a black American thinking of becoming a Muslim. Do you think this is a good move?
    A: Although Muslims will let anyone join their army their core is Arabs. If you are not Arab you're dirt and are just seen as a source of money. Black Muslim women are consistently raped in areas like Sudan - because they are black and considered inferior. The conflict in the Middle East exposes more Arab Muslim hatred of blacks such as the racist attacks of black Condoleezza Rice.

    Q: I have three children and can't afford health insurance. Shouldn't my employer be paying for the health insurance for my whole family?
    Question back: Oh, have you seen the new thinner plasma TV?
    Answer back: Yeah, I have it! I only paid $1,211 at one of my local stores. It's HDTV able and my new stereo mates with it royally. I must have over $8,000 in our entertainment system and my neighbors are like so jealous. I can even cut my own audio disks and play them in our new SUV or new computer. I think they are also jealous because I've given each of us a cell phone - not an old model either. We buy the lastest every 6 months. Oh yeah - let me tell you about my new dual core computer, it's loaded! I got ...
    A: Let's get back to your original problem ...

    Q: Crime seems to be increasing in our neighborhood and I've heard there are less police than a few years ago. I'm worried about this increase in crime.
    A: Think if you check your city and states budget the spending for social handout programs have increased while the safety concerns of the taxpayers have decreased. My guess is liberals' control the purse strings and they love to be charitable with other peoples money. Vote them out.

    Q: The public schools my children go are going downhill. Their grades are poor and I've noticed a big increase of Mexicans and incidences of violence. Won't more money to the schools help provide better education?
    A: No, that is a myth created by the teacher unions and liberals. Parents need to have a choice to send their children to a charter school or private school. School vouchers make this possible but such freedom of choice is something that liberals don't want parents to have. Liberals demand parents send their children to union controlled government schools.

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