Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Jeopardy Wednesday

    A: He stopped a scumbag in his tracks after the scumbag punched out a woman at a 7-11 store.
    Q: Who is James Sjostrom, former US Marine?

    A: He's a documented national disgrace.
    Q: Who is Jimmy Carter?

    A: He's got the hots for Whitney Houston, but as all Arab Muslims, doesn't like black people.
    Q: Who is Osama Bin Laden?

    A: He's an Islamic academic that promotes and glorifies suicide bombers and murders of innocent women and children by Muslims.
    Q: Who is Dr. Azzam Tamimi?

    A: They are trying to use the courts to manipulate a sovereign nation to stop the country's war on terror.
    Q: What is the Islamic Human Rights Commission?

    A: Their agenda is to terminate the US Constitution and move control of the USA into the hands of the UN - including legal authority. US citizens and policy would have to answer to the UN. They support elections of candidates that embrace the same agenda - most all of them Democrats. Hillary Clinton was recently given their top honors.
    Q: What is Citizens for Global Solutions?

    A: They are NOW attempting to extort a major city (Los Angeles) for more money (from the taxpayers) or else they will not do their jobs.
    Q: What are unions?

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