Thursday, August 10, 2006

    The New Muslim Chic

    Young Muslims, especially young Muslim women, are quietly rising up against their oppressive "religion". While it may be too late for the older brainwashed and enslaved females there are young ones in growing numbers that are symbolically telling the hate engorged clerics to SHOVE IT!

    One place this rebellion is growing is Iran. Those oppressive Islamic coverings are shrinking too. Wonder if clerics are closet homosexuals - banning the appearance of the female body while promoting the male body. See my earlier post on sucking beard.

    Then there is Maryam:
    who is 20, wears a fish-shaped tattoo on her shoulder and won't give her full name. "We have so many secrets from the authorities that they know about but can't stop: our parties, our music. This is just another one," she says.
    A taste of freedom isn't all that difficult:
    For an average of 800,000 rials _ about $90 _ they choose from Milad's standard designs _ interwoven flames called "Creeping Death," a burning cross dubbed "Dragon Sword," or, for the less daring, butterflies, flowers and unicorns.

    But he'll work up anything for an extra fee. He's done marijuana leaves and symbols from Iran's pre-Islamic Zoroastrian faith. A Muslim girl asked for some Hebrew letters _ in a country whose leaders repeatedly call for Israel's destruction.
    "She didn't even know what the letters meant," said Milad. "She just liked how they looked."

    Placing also is getting more adventurous; Milad said more women are asking for tattoos on the small of their backs or on their breasts. "No big deal," shrugged Milad. But it would be an outrage in a society that still tries to segregate the sexes at some colleges and public events.
    The best fight against these Islamic terrorists might not be bombs - but tattoos and MP3 players loaded with western music!
    On the latest airline terrorist attempts, I think it's about time we ban Muslims from flying - especially of Arab descent. They would be allowed to fly on airlines with liberals and ACLU members, which would be ok.

    The Muslim terrorist public relations group, CAIR, has already warned officials of trying to tie these foiled terror attempts to Muslims, and they go even farther by stating these foiled attempts as "alleged" - as if to say it is all some setup against Muslims. Can you say damage control time?

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