Monday, September 25, 2006

    Cough Cough Gag Gag

    U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein, a liberal Judge appointed by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, has initiated another liberal anti-responsibility class action lawsuit today by granting class-action lawsuit status to smokers of "light" cigarettes.

    Sometimes a class-action lawsuit might be appropriate, but when it comes to suing a company for individual stupidity then it becomes nothing more than shifting responsibility from the individual to someone else - one of the core beliefs of liberals - you are not responsible for your own choices.

    I use to smoke. I knew is was abnormal to introduce smoke of any kind into the lungs. I've had raunchy Chinese cigarettes while in Hong Kong, I've had all sorts of cigarettes in Japan, I've had filtered, unfiltered, flavored, thick, thin, light, ultra-light, etc. At no time did I think one was healthy or safer over the other. I knew introducing foreign substance into my lungs was a risk. I took personal responsibility for my choices.

    Judge Weinstein, a liberal judge, thinks otherwise. He thinks it's time to blame someone else - the manufacturer of the cigarettes and not the people. This is Liberalism at its best - remove personal responsibility from the equation.

    Each and every pack of cigarettes are labeled with a warning - even light cigarettes - yet people light up, inhale, get cancer, then want to blame someone else. Even after this suit is over with, stupid people will buy cigarettes, light up, inhale, get cancer, then want to sue someone for their stupidity.

    It's not that I'm standing in defense of cigarette manufacturers, I'm standing in defense of a fading precept - personal responsibility.

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