Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Anti-Nazi Candidates

    Does your candidate stand for freedom, or more government control? Is the priority of your candidate to ensure more government dictatorship or for freedom from government tyranny? Will government in the USA become like Germany - where home schooled students are taken out of their own homes and forced into government schools and their parents subject to arrest?

    Most that take the time to read the news or take the time to be aware of what goes on in the public school system have heard about forced indoctrination of Islam, rampant drug use, advocating homosexuality, and just plain poor academic results that are no longer competitive with education systems in the world.

    Below is a partial list of candidate that stand for freedom and those that stand for increased government tyranny. The complete scorecard can be obtained from the Education Reform site (PDF file). No surprise really - Most all Democrats favor bigger government control and enjoy the endorsement of the powerful socialistic unions.

    Vote FOR these candidates that support freedom:

    Alaska Republican Sarah Palin
    Arizona Republican Len Munsil
    Arizona Republican Jon Kyl
    Arizona Republican Tom Horne
    Arkansas Republican Asa Hutchinson
    California Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Colorado Republican Bob Beauprez
    Connecticut Independent Joe Lieberman
    Florida Republican Charlie Crist
    Hawaii Republican Linda Lingle
    Hawaii Republican Cynthia Thielen
    Idaho Republican Tom Luna
    Indiana Libertarian Steve Osborn
    Iowa Republican Jim Nussle
    Maryland Republican Robert Ehrlich
    Maryland Republican Michael Steele
    Missouri Republican Jim Talent
    Oregon Republican Ron Saxton
    Rhode Island Republican Donald Carcieri
    Utah Republican Orrin Hatch

    Vote AGAINST these candidates that embrace government tyranny - all endorsed by the powerful school unions:

    Alaska Democrat Tony Knowles
    Arizona Democrat Janet Napolitano
    Arizona Democrat Jim Pederson
    Arizona Democrat Jason Williams
    Arkansas Democrat Mike Beebe
    California Democrat Phil Angelides
    Colorado Democrat Bill Ritter
    Connecticut Democrat Ned Lamont
    Florida Democrat Jim Davis
    Hawaii Democrat Randy Iwase
    Hawaii Democrat Daniel Akaka
    Idaho Democrat Jana Jones
    Indiana Republican Dick Luger
    Iowa Democrat Chet Culver
    Maryland Democrat Martin O'Malley
    Maryland Democrat Benjamin Cardin
    Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill
    Oregon Democrat Ted Kulongoski
    Rhode Island Democrat Charles Fogarty
    Utah Democrat Pete Ashdown

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