Friday, October 27, 2006

    Oregon Candidates + Eugene Election

    This one is easy - Republicans across the board. Why vote for Democrats when all they support is higher taxes and no results.

    Democrats strive for bigger government and more government control.

    Republicans strive for smaller government and less government control over all of us. Republicans also want more control by parents over their education options - something you won't see from Democrats. Like I said - easy choice.

    I do wish they disclosed the party alignment of judges and not the idealistic "nonpartisan". There is no such thing and we have seen how liberal (Democrat) judges have destroyed the moral character of the nation as well as being so lenient toward criminals. If anyone has the party positions of the judges up for election then please let me know and I will post them.

    Measure 20-114 - NO - NO INCOME TAX in Lane County! They don't manage the money the get right now and will not manage more money this would give them! NO MORE TAXES!

    Measure 20-110 - YES - Parks and open spaces are better than more mini-marts or dense housing!

    Measure 20-111 - NO - Eugene built this huge library recently - way too huge in an area difficult to get to and park. They purchased an automated book mover - costing over $750,000 instead of letting volunteers, usually children, help the library and learn from the experience. Now they need more and more money to fund this monolith that has become a rest home for the homeless and bums. NO MORE TAXES!v

    Measure 20-115 - NO - Just another attempt to get more money for a school system that is already over funded. They have a list of what they want to do with the extra money, but they already have the money to get all they want - if they just stop giving raises to the union-controlled machine. NO MORE TAXES!

    To Debbi Farr - Win Debbie win!

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