Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    The Measures Of Oregon

    Well it's that time again, time to decide whether or not we the people will relinquish more of our money and rights to the government. Really, that is what we are voting for or against. Proponents of big government and higher taxes have been flooding us with ads of a dire future for our state if we don't give more control to the government.

    Here's how I will be voting:

    Measure 39 - YES - Keep government from taking private land to hand over to private companies. Don't give government this power!

    Measure 40 - NO - Judges that decide on state-wide issues should be elected by the state as a whole, not elected by some smaller subset of the population. Don't give special interest groups this power!

    Measure 41 - YES - Oregon citizens are already over taxed by a bureaucracy that has totally mismanaged the revenues it takes in. Governor Kulongoski, why do you need to replace your taxpayer's funded car when it only has 16,000 miles on it? Don't give government this power, and don't believe those doom-and-gloom Democrats!

    Measure 42 - NO - Insurance is all about statistics, and statistics prove that people that don't take responsibility for their credit are more prone to be less responsible drivers. I'd like insurance companies to adjust premiums on even more information. If they can not, then those that are responsible will be paying for those that are less responsible. Don't vote for paying more for your insurance!

    Measure 43 - NO - At first I was going to vote yes, but notifying parents could result in life long shame for a mistake a girl made. Also, this is a bit discriminating toward just the girl. Maybe if it were written to inform the parents of the father as well, but it doesn't. Also, if the father was an adult then law enforcement should be notified of a statutory rape situation. Too much lacking on this measure!

    Measure 44 - NO - This just invites people with private health insurance to drop their coverage for prescription drugs knowing that they can let the taxpayers supplement their drug requirements at a lower cost, and put additional burdens on an already burdened state health system.

    Measure 45 - YES - Special interest groups don't want this to pass, unions don't want this to pass. Liberals don't want this to pass. Get the idea?

    Measure 46 - YES - Voting yes would limit special interest groups from buying their puppets into power. For example, unions spend many millions of dollars to get their puppets into office, and that must stop!

    Measure 47 - YES - Making disclosure of who is buying into a candidate - long overdue. Who doesn't want this to pass? Unions and liberal activist groups, of course!

    Measure 48 - YES - This forces government to spend wisely and takes away their endless flow of tax payer money. You either manage money right, or you manage money wrong. In Oregon, money is managed wrong, and we are the 9 th biggest spending state in the nation!

    Think law enforcement suffers because of a lack of money? Nope - it's because there is a lack of responsible revenue allocation. Priorities need to be set, and law enforcement needs to be a separate line item in the budget that is totally funded - not out of some general fund.

    Government must manage what they have better - just like private citizens are expected to do. Don't believe those doom-and-gloom and scare tactics from the liberals. Don't give government this power!

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