Monday, October 30, 2006

    Attendance At DMV Surging

    I can remember about 6 years ago coming to Oregon. The Department of Motor Vehicles was rather quiet compared to a DMV office in California, where you usually have to phone for an appointment.

    I was at the same DMV a couple of weeks ago to get my Oregon driver's license - yep, went all this time on a California license. The parking lot was crowded and inside looked like I passed through a transporter and ended up in Tijuana Mexico.

    There's a rush for illegal aliens - most all of them Mexicans - to get their Oregon driver's license just in case Ted Kulongoski, Oregon's current "I love illegals" governor, is replaced with Republican "I respect laws" Ron Saxton. Saxton has said he will not permit illegal aliens to get Oregon driver's licenses - and that is the way it should be.

    The top-level Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, favors amnesty for illegal aliens. Amnesty for criminals. Amnesty for people coming into our country and their first action is to spit on the laws of our land.

    Amnesty that you and I are paying for. No matter where you are now in the USA your tax money is paying this huge overhead of illegals. Their illegal kids in the public school system, they take from the social services programs of every state (just visit a social services program in California or Oregon - like being in Mexico), increased law enforcement costs - a huge percent continue their illegal activities and end up in our jails - again, your tax money and mine.

    It is nothing to be surprised over. The New Democrats are more socialist than ever before. Go to any socialist web site and read what they stand for. It's like reading the platform of the New Democrat party.

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