Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Happy Birthday United Nations?

    61 years old, today is the official United Nations Day. Now I sure wasn't around for the birth of the UN - far from it. Yet, I can read how the UN started just after World War II - an attempt to unite the countries of the world for the purposes of peace and security.

    My, how the UN has changed, especially under the auspices of Kofi Annan. Now a central focus of all things socialist (anti-capitalist) and anti-American about the only priorities the UN has is to promote and protect terrorist organizations (picture is Kofi with Hezbollah's Nasrallah), provide a platform for any and all anti-American rhetoric, skim billions of dollars in scandalous endeavors, and rape and pilfer the poor and destitute under the disguise of UN Peace Keepers.

    When presented the opportunity to keep Hezbollah from being armed, the UN did nothing. When approving sanctions and military response against Saddam Hussein, the UN backed off. Instead of promoting and helping third world countries become self-reliant their solution is to demand more money from the USA as handouts.

    The UN wants to become the governing body of the USA. The UN has formally declared that personal ownership of firearms by US citizens should be outlawed. The UN has formally declared that capital punishment in the USA (and all countries) should be outlawed. The UN has formally declared that free speech should NOT include comments against Islam, if it is offensive - and wants to curtail the concept of Free Speech.

    The UN might get its wish - if Democrats gain control of our country.

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