Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Deadly Statistics

    How horrid. Thousands killed. Each and every life could have been saved if our government would have made better decisions. Insurgents that have outright murdered or used the roadways to unleash their carnage or by whatever means - killed Americans. It must STOP!

    Iraq? Oh no way! I'm talking about the illegal alien insurgents that have infiltrated across our borders into America. Put aside the extreme financial burden upon Americans - WND published an article released early this morning: Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily.

    Some facts from their article:
    • 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. Since 9/11 that total is 21,900!
    That is the death toll from outright murders. Add this in:
    • 13 are killed each day by drunk illegal alien drivers - an annual carnage of 4,745 - or 23,725 since 9/11.
    Between just those two the total deaths come to 45,625 since 9/11/2001 - that's a lot of funerals that could have been avoided. As more of these insurgents flow across our border those numbers will increase. (Do these numbers indicate America is in a civil war?)

    America - the new killing fields.

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