Thursday, November 30, 2006


    It finally happened - it was just a matter of time. North Korea, one of the countries identified as a state sponsor of terrorism and now producer of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, has received the severe punishment that should have been dealt out long ago.

    Everyone knows Kim II Sung is a crazy idiot with delusions of godhood - just like his Muslim counterpart in Iran, Mahmoud AhMADinejad.

    The Clinton Administration failed to restrain Kim Sung and actually helped him build the reactors that now provide the weapon-grade fuel. The Bush Administration, albeit slow against the real world threats, finally showed the backbone needed against the maniacs of the world.

    The severe punishment for threatening the world:
    • NO iPods
    • NO Cognac
    • NO Rolex watches
    • NO cigarettes
    • NO artwork
    • NO Harley Davidson motorcycles
    • NO Jet Skis
    • NO basketball gear
    • NO plasma televisions
    • NO Segway scooters
    I feel so much safer.

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