Monday, November 20, 2006

    Educated USA Workers - Endangered Species

    Today I will be getting my new computer delivered to me. Normally, I just buy the parts and assemble the exact system that I want. This year I found I don't have the time and I need some year-end business deductions. I bought an upper-end system from Dell.

    My new system is a dying breed - one of the last to be manufactured in the USA. Come early 2007 all of Dell's products will be Made In India - desktops, laptops - everything. This final move will bring the number of Dell employees in India to 20,000.

    That's 20,000 jobs NOT in the USA. That's just one company - there are many more doing the same, if not India, then somewhere else.

    I shake my head not at the companies but at those responsible for the exodus.

    Public schools don't turn out the quality nor quantity of technical labor like other countries do. The government (public) schools system turns out good Subway sandwich or Wal-Mart workers, so not a total loss.

    Government pushes its way into business - forcing a business to tweak their budgets the way government wishes - both federal and state governments are guilty.

    Unions extort business into unreasonable agreements - wages that don't match skill levels, total health coverage (not even a deductible) - so many controls that destroy businesses and make them loss their competitiveness.

    Courts have forced companies to pay incredible premiums for liability insurance because the USA is a suit-happy nation (Conservatives have tried many times to cap frivolous law suites but liberals manage to keep them around).

    Those that protest for more jobs in the USA are the very people that are driving jobs out of the USA. This trend has been going on in the past, is going on in the present, and will continue to go on in the future.

    The most important change needed is a total change in the public education system, but as long as Democrats control anything that will never happen.

    Your children will probably be living with you a bit longer - unless Subway or Wal-Mart opens a new store near you.

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