Thursday, December 28, 2006

    Saddam Appeals Are Oinked

    Saddam tried but failed in his last attempt to appeal his death penalty. Tried and judged by Iraq law, in an Iraq court, by the Iraq judicial system, and given the sentence of death by hanging Saddam is just counting the days.

    Every liberal by definition is against the death penalty. Even Ex-General Ramsey Clark, liberal defender of dictator Saddam said that Saddam Hussein's life is in President Bush's hands. I mean, how stupid is this liberal?

    President Bush has nothing to do with Iraq law nor their justice system. Personally I think Clark made that statement to betray the United States in the eyes of the world - as if the trial was all America's doing.

    Not at all. As a matter of fact Iraqis are volunteering by the hoards to execute Saddam. I really hope it's covered live - it's the best way to make the death penalty a deterrent, not like in the USA where executions are behind closed doors and the convict is gently put to sleep in the same way a beloved pet is put down. I say bring back public hangings!

    2007 - Saddam Saddam, you ain't headed for heaven! - Uh humm uh humm - ooo yeah!

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