Friday, December 29, 2006

    My Predictions For 2007

    The coming New Year is just days away, so this will be my last post this year. I wish to impart my predictions of what 2007 will look like. Have a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year!

    Saddam Hussein - You don't need to worry about 2007, but you can dangle (pun intended) with the knowledge that President Bush outlasted you. UPDATE: Prediction confirmed (uncensored footage)!

    Air America - All but gone (a station in Madison, WI remains) will not be making a comeback, to the sadness of those liberals that feed on negative waves - especially fabricated. Poor Al Franken, President Bush outlasted you too.

    Muslim Terrorists - Will become empowered more than ever thanks to CAIR and the liberal courts of the USA. More of our taxs are going to pay for brainwashing sessions of government employees to "understand" the Muslim "needs". Expect more lawsuits for any infidel "abusing" Islam - something the Muslim World League now wants. Gee - I wonder if this little blog will be attacked by CAIR someday, LOL. To the Grand Muppet Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh: I will continue to expose your "religion" as the deadly, murdering, and oppressive crap that it is. Don't even try and suppress my freedom of speech!

    Hollywood - Expect the makings of some new movies like Saddam The Movie, Barack Obama and his Gay Church Membership, Barack Obama - Connected to the Mob, My Favorite Illegal Alien, Union Control - Deal or No Deal (ka boom)?

    Taxes - since the new Democrats will hold the power of the budget expect your taxes to go up, and up, and up. This increase will be directly tax hikes, removing tax deductions and credits (which will make you pay more taxes), increased costs (like Democrats putting huge taxes on corporations - that will then simply raise their prices to you and me), increased fees, etc.

    Government - expect local and federal government to get BIGGER than ever and have more control over people's lives than ever before. It will happen - it's a liberal government thing and there is nothing you can do (hey, you voted them in!)

    Public Schools - expect more money to go into that black hole and dumber and less qualified students to come out (but they will be more homo sensitive). All the union teachers, janitors, and the ever-growing supporting staff will be happier with their growing paychecks, so not a total lost huh?

    Social handouts - expect handouts to grow over budgets for police and infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.). It is the liberal way.

    Illegal aliens - Some cities will continue to take steps to rid their cities of illegals but expect these attempts to be overturned if taken to a liberal court judge. Liberal judges will continue to allow illegals (criminals) to have "US Constitutional Rights" when in fact they do not. It is the liberal way.

    Christianity - expect the continuation of attempts to delete Christianity. Also expect Christianity to be redefined in the liberal courts - to embrace homosexuality and the liberal global agendas of eliminating capital punishment, open borders, huge social handouts (through taxpayers, not the Church of course). Expect increased murders by Muslims of Christians yet don't expect anyone to stop them or complain against them.

    Gun Control - expect renewed attempts to disarm the good citizens of the USA with this new batch of liberals in control. It is a liberal thing. Conservatives are starting to take stronger action against liberals that try to disarm them - but more is needed.

    Capital Punishment - already a joke in this country (except when Bush was governor of Texas) expect liberals to continue their attempts to protect the most dangerous criminals in society by pushing for the elimination of the death penalty. In states where it is legal don't expect much action when it comes to execution - there will be liberals nearby that will file all sorts of legal motions to delay or suspend the execution.

    Gay Marriage - no such thing but expect courts to legalize homosexuals to carry a marriage certificate as if they were a normal man and woman. The people in every state have voted this a big NO, but homo activists push it to the courts and eventually get some liberal judge that will overturn the constitutionally empowered rights of We The People.

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