Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    Enforce Responsibility - Graffiti

    I'm all for personal responsibility. I'm all for law enforcement. But what about scenarios where law enforcement fails to act. What should be done when one or two individuals in higher positions orders the rank in file to NOT enforce law and order?

    In the case of the war protesters that descended upon the U.S. Capitol and spray painted anarchist symbols on the steps of the U.S. Capital, federal police were forced - under orders from their liberal superiors - not to take any action.

    So who should pay for the cleanup? I say the U.S. Capitol Police Chief should pay out of his own pocket for the clean up he failed to prohibit. It was his duty - his call - his responsibility.

    Now once again, the taxpayer will be the ones that pay for the crimes that others commit. Once again, these anarchist freaks are left untouched - no arrests made.

    Our Capital has been attacked - this time not by a plane, but with paint. Let's watch and see Natzi Pelosi's action - if any. Can she even protect the national monument where she works? If not, how can she protect a nation?

    Pay up Chief Morse!

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