Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    Enforce Responsibility - Iraq; Terrorist Plot

    Most intelligent people know that freedom is not free. The reason there is a cost is because there are always bad people that don't want people to be free. Simple, huh?

    As far as I'm concerned the "Iraq War" ended after Saddam Hussein was toppled and the multi-national force was free to roam and inspect for those illusive WMD (which I believe were transferred to Syria - at least the bulk of the chemical WMD). Everything after has been police enforcement. Sort of like police enforcement in gang-ridden Los Angeles, just a bit deadlier with Islamic motivations and not drugs.

    I think it is impossible to have an "Iraq War" when Iraq now has an elected government and their own constitution. We are not at war with Iraq the nation, but merely providing extreme police protection and training of new Iraqi police and troops.

    Now is the time for all Iraqis to take responsibility for (mainly) the USA providing police and security services. Time to start handing invoices - due upon receipt - for services rendered in the past, present, and future. So President Bush - please start sending invoices with these line items included:
    • Lump-sum compensations to families that lost their child fighting for Iraqis
    • Payment into a fund to provide forever support to those de-limbed, mutilated, and otherwise handicapped providing services to Iraq
    • Total reimbursement for all armament used (and destroyed)
    • Total reimbursement for all provisions required
    • Payment for transportation for troops to cycle back to visit their families at least every 6 months
    • And lots more - until every penny is paid back and every life, whether living or damaged, has been addressed.
    Freedom is not free Iraq. Pay up or you're on your own.

    When the TV is turned on this am CNN reports another terrorist plot stopped by MI5. They tell how the plot was to kidnap a British Muslim soldier and behead him, then put their video on the internet - presumably to generate fear and terror. At no time did they identify the terrorist suspects in any way.

    I switch to Fox News and the same story - except their story wasn't censored like the CNN story. Fox clearly identified the terrorists as Islamic.

    CNN censored the news per CAIR demands. Just read the CNN story online for yourself - sanitized to hide the identity of the suspects as being Muslims.

    Fox News did not censor the news and is not submissive to CAIR demands.

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