Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Trumping Rosie

    Now I really have no admiration for either Donald Trump or Rosie O'Donnell or Barbara Walters, so my input on this is totally without bias. If we go strictly on the facts:
    • Factoid 1: Rosie O'Donnell is a big fat dike fag
    • Factoid 2: Rosie O'Donnell is a whining liberal
    • Factoid 3: Rosie O'Donnell has no talent
    • Factoid 4: Rosie O'Donnell might have been born male (you really want to crawl between her ugly legs and find out? GROSS!)
    • Factoid 5: Rosie O'Donnell's TV shows and magazines have all fail
    • Factoid 6: Rosie O'Donnell can not sustain a show of her own
    • Factoid 7: Barbara Walters is an overpaid 75 y/o liberal whore that would sell her soul (if she had one) if there was a buck in it
    • Factoid 8: Barbara Walters thrives on scandals
    • Factoid 9: Barbara Walters, like all liberals, lie as they smile
    • Factoid 10: Barbara Walters is not quite the looser Rosie O'Donnell is
    • Factoid 11: Barbara Walters might be gay and a closet love of Rosie (gad me with a spoon, barf out, etc.)
    • Factoid 12: Donald Trump is not broke
    • Factoid 13: Donald Trump is not a liberal
    And there you have it - the reality of it all. We have two liberal bitches vs. one conservative capitalist. Simple analysis always helps. Gee - I do hope I didn't offend any Rosie fans!

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