Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Three Biggest Mistakes In Iraq

    The world has many opinions about the anti-terrorist offensive in Iraq. There are two primary camps - one favors freedom and democracy and takes the position the offensive should not stop. The other camp doesn't see the radical Muslims as a threat at all, don't see democracy and freedom as essential, and takes the position of cut-and-run.

    I am of the camp that believes in spreading freedom and democracy - to give people the chance to determine their own future. I see a conflict taking much longer than it should to generate results that could be better than they currently are. I don't see our mission there as a failure - I know there are those that embrace failure - even thrive on failure and misery and they must continue to generate it. I don't.

    Mistake 1: Embedded media. This was a huge propaganda win for terrorists knowing the majority of embedded media was destined to embarrass, degrade, humiliate, nit-pick, and otherwise do all they could to broadcast only negative stories. When not enough negative stories could be spun, they manufactured false ones. Dump these worthless liberal fools!

    Mistake 2: Monitoring. Troops were not allowed to do their jobs without scrutiny of reporters and outside organizations. This scrutiny was always one-sided, and always against American troops. It was a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" environment. Imagine doing your job with all sorts of people hovering over your shoulder taking pictures, notes, movies, questioning your every move, etc. I don't think you would like that - but that is what our troops have to endure. Let them do their job unrestricted. For example, just swarm in and kill Al Sadr and anyone standing in their way. Simple huh? But if they did every liberal would be screaming for an investigation. Screw the liberals and just get the job done!

    War is not a TV soap opera. Our troops need to be totally free to accomplish their job, without restraint, without liberal politicians interfering, without liberal judges wanting to judge them. War is hell - it's suppose to be - but liberals have turned it into a political toy. Liberals are a sick, warped, careless group of baby-killing scum. Remove the liberal element and we will win.

    Mistake 3: Exchange plan. There must be solid goals to transition the security of Iraq back to the government of Iraq and reduce the dependency on American troops. It's no different that handouts to homeless. If all you do is continue to give handouts there is no incentive for them to take care of themselves. Stop the handouts and they will be incentives. We must ensure countries like Iran and Syria are totally removed from the equation as well - or they will need extremely harsh persuasion.

    Through it all true Americans must simply ignore those that thrive on failure: the liberals, the socialists, the anarchists, those that don't want democracy in the world, those that don't want women to have rights, and of course Muslims that want that ultimate global conquest.

    Liberals and terrorists think and talk very much alike. Simple read what people like Natzi Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Biden, Durbin, etc. - all liberal socialists - with an agenda to see democracy fail. Their words are even quoted in Al Jazeera. Your elected officials - the mouth pieces of the enemy.

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