Friday, February 09, 2007

    Anna Nicole Smith - Perverted Reality

    Ok, I'm going to pop the big bubble on why Anna Nicole killed herself. Seemingly in a state of drunken stupor she was able to attract all sorts of male companionship.

    First, you better sit down if you've been a fan because what you are about to hear won't be easy for you. You heard it here first - an exclusive - for my readers!

    Now this is only my professional theory - based on her personality, her habits, her lifestyle, the sequence of events, and all those sort of things you probably don't care about. First you have to remember that having the money that she had access to allow her and those close to her to make the truth disappear.

    In this issue of People magazine her late son Daniel is described as Anna Nicole's best friend and one true love. She loved him - I mean really loved him.

    Now ever wonder why all of the delays and questions about who the father of her latest baby is? It doesn't take long at all to get a DNA sample for paternity testing. Anna knew that soon she would have to expose the truth. The world would know who fathered her child.

    I wonder if her close friends will let this be revealed or will they cover it up.

    Anna Nicole Smith - she really loved her son - I mean really loved him, but she was so ashamed of the truth.

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