Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Progressing Toward BIGGER GOVERNMENT

    If you listen to the so-called Progressives in our country you might think they promote more individual freedoms and less government control. These Progressives come from all sorts of political persuasions - Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Rainbow party, etc.

    The result is the same - a push for BIGGER GOVERNMENT, a more controlling government, and a society where people expect the government to take care of them.

    One of my pet peeves is socialized healthcare. I can not rationalize the "logic" of a smoker getting lung cancer, then expecting BIG GOVERNMENT (tax payers) to pay for his/her medical expenses for stupid choices that person made in his/her life. Progressives say BIG GOVERNMENT should be responsible.

    The same with obese people that stuff and stuff and stuff their faces, never have any exercise program, then end up getting fat-related problems like cardiac disease or diabetes. Why on Earth should I be responsible for their irresponsibility? Progressives say BIG GOVERNMENT should be responsible.

    I'm totally against BIG GOVERNMENT controlling what people can or can not eat. Labeling is good, and that's where it should stop. People have the choice to read labels, but do they? I should not be forced to pay for their ignorant choices, nor should BIG GOVERNMENT use its power to dictate what is available in the marketplace.

    The latest Bush Budget reveals the growing dependency on BIG GOVERNMENT. Over half of this $2.662 trillion dollar monster goes to just two socialist programs - Social Security and Medicare/aid. This country needs to wean itself off of these handout programs and teach children at an early age how to take care of themselves. But this is not in the game plan of the Progressive - let BIG GOVERNEMT take care of you is their platform.

    Within the very first paragraph of our Constitution is the priority of defending our country - yet the National Defense budget represents less than 25% of the budget!

    BIG GOVERNMENT - how much do you depend on it?

    BIG GOVERNMENT - have you turned your life over to it? Progressives want you to.

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