Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Police Baffled (Conservatives Not)

    So this article in the Sydney Morning Herald prints:
    US police say they remain baffled as to the motive behind Monday's mass-shooting by an 18-year-old Bosnian immigrant and massacre survivor.
    I'm not baffled. Conservatives are not baffled. It was totally predictable. This wasn't the first time Muslims have been testing reactions to terrorist attacks in the USA. Even last month a Muslim tried to go on a killing rampage - with lots more in the past months and years.

    Ah - but the American public is suppose to be immersed in the lie that these are merely isolated events. But the trend remains the same:
    • Hide the truth from the American public that the perpetrator was Muslim
    • Make sure some official agency claims there is no tie to terrorism
    • Protect the Muslim appearance and claim of being a religion of peace
    Yet, Muslim terrorist attacks continue in the USA. Testing reactions. Testing how police respond and how quickly. Testing whether malls would make good terrorist targets for large scale assaults. How does mall security respond? From where? How fast? Where are cameras? What actions do people take?

    I'm willing to bet there were other Muslims at the Salt Lake City mall - with their cameras - filming the actions and movements of the people as this Muslim terrorized the mall - murdering, shooting - the stuff that the militant arm of Islam is trained to do.

    The FBI is charged with protecting us from terrorism within our borders - yet this new FBI can't even protect their own notebook computers. The new FBI is Islam-trained to be that official agency that claims no tie to terrorism - and once again, they have done their duty to Islam with this most recent attack. But then they have said this about all of the other Muslim terrorist attacks that have taken place in the USA.

    Totally predictable and attacks will happen again. When it does you won't know it was a Muslim responsible because we're not suppose to know - and the mandate is that Islam is to be protected, that Islam is a religion of peace.

    Don't try and think or question what the hell is going on - you might see the truth!

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