Monday, March 05, 2007

    Mr. FlimFlam Man

    I will post a few lines on this con artist, but I will not be the first. I found that some sites have beaten me and already posted. The question with any con job is always the same - will people listen and learn or will they continue to be scammed.

    The picture with this post is the Nashville TN mansion of Albert Arnold Gore. Everyone knows by now Gore uses over 10 times the electricity of the typical Nashville household - and has little energy efficient technology to help the environment that he crusades for. Sorry liberals - it's now a fact so don't bother to try and spin it.

    It's worse than one might have imagined, yet no surprise since a liberal is involved. Lying to the American people, lying to the world. Grouped with his lying so-called experts (socialist globalist) "thinkers" he's already positioned to reap on his con.

    One well-known confidence tricks is called the Paranoia Scam:
    a scam that involves the con man telling the mark various lies about the different scams (corporations) and instigating false attempts (corporations are killing the planet) so that the mark (feeling worried and with no place to hide their money from fraud) turns to the con man (or his cronies) for help.
    If Mr. FlimFlam Gore believed in global warming then why hasn't he taken steps to reduce his energy dependency on fossil fuels? I see no solar panels on his roof.

    But to be a flimflam man he has to financially benefit from his con. Well surprise - Gore's carbon offsets he pays go right back to his own pocket. That's right - the firm he pays (and others) is a firm that (surprise) he owns.

    The scam of Gore is the scam of all socialists - make people believe government needs to take more control of everything. I'll use the bullets posted from the American Thinking today (please check their site out):
    • 1st - Gore sets up a company that will invest in other companies that will benefit from global warming alarmism
    • 2nd - Gore gets some Hollywood types to fund and produce a movie designed to scare the c-c-carbon out of the population
    • 3rd - Gore travels the world promoting this movie, while pushing the view that a cataclysm is imminent if the world doesn't immediately act
    • 4th - an adoring media falls for the con hook, line, and sinker. Rather than debunking the flaws in the theories, the media promote every word of it while advancing the concept that Gore's views represent those of an overwhelming majority of scientists
    • 5th - scared governments and citizens across the globe invest in alternative energy programs driving up the shares of companies Gore's group has already invested in
    • 6th - Gore and his cronies make billions as they laugh all the way to the bank at the stupidity of their fellow citizens
    • 7th - (my addition) - nominate the flimflam man for a Nobel prize to give him credibility
    Now be a good dumb liberal and go buy some carbon credits to make you feel less guilty!

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