Thursday, April 19, 2007

    If Cho Seung-Hui - Ismail Ax - Had Lived

    The ramblings of Cho to NBC sounds like he was an advent socialist - hating those that had more than him. Little did he know he could have prevailed if he had lived. America is becoming more socialist, more liberal, more perverted, more immoral, more cowardice, and more stupid - all factors that would have worked for him. For example:
    • He could have sighted a media camera and surrendered knowing if the camera caught police being to ruff he could sue law enforcement for police brutality.

    • Even though Virginia is a death penalty state he would avert the ultimate price because Virginia requires a clinical psychologist or an individual with a doctorate degree in clinical psychology to verify whether a death penalty candidate should receive death. Obviously liberals have been fast to label (excuse) him as mentally challenged.

    • Democrat Senator Barack Hussein Obama would have demanded Cho freed and Don Imus imprisoned.

    • The ACLU would have volunteered to defend Cho with a defense of the abused Korean subjected to years of Americanism. The ACLU would promptly classify Cho as the real victim, not the 32 he murdered.

    • Amnesty International would demand inspections of the jail to make sure he had his 3 meals a day, medical care, dental care, access to TV and internet, etc.

    • CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN would be in conflict over exclusive rights to create the 2 hour special How America Failed a Minority - What is the Bush Administration Hiding?

    • Cho would have a full schedule of appearances at every liberal talk show in the country - and outside as well.

    • Even if given the death penalty, Cho would have received immediate celebrity status by liberal ex-actor Mike Farrell and his socialist organization Death Penalty Focus. Think of all those T-Shirts they could have sold!

    • Cho, using his free high speed internet access in prison, would post instructions how to target the most vulnerable colleges and universities: Anti-gun laws, limited or no security, and large liberal faculty.

    • The liberal powers that be would make Cho the poster boy for victims of Americanism - their role model - their hero. They would press for a pardon for Cho - after all, it wasn't his fault, it was all those mean rich capitalist kids!

    • Al Gore would have worked with Cho to establish a global warming link to his premeditated murder spree. Did he feel unusually warm during the planning stage? Did he just plan to kill 2 but then, because of abnormal weather, change his mind to kill many more?

    In the socialist rantings of this killer there were, as the web article noted, a Litany of missed chances to stop killer Cho.

    To those outside of the USA you must understand to do so would have required profiling. Profiling people has become taboo here - thanks to liberal organizations like the ACLU.

    The situation is compounded by the fact Cho was Korean - a minority. Increasingly in the USA minorities are given special privileges not enjoyed by all people - thanks to liberal organizations like the ACLU.

    So under the current sympathetic mindset Cho would never have been stopped before his evil deed - thanks to liberal organizations like the ACLU - which go out of their way to protect criminal's "rights". And pleeeeeze, don't let the name "Civil Liberties" fool you as it has so many in our country.

    The USA is in grips of a liberal onslaught never before seen. Advancing homosexuality in the public schools has replaced academic achievement.

    Not defending one's self is the "compassionate" train of thought.

    Not profiling the obvious or exchanging such information with other agencies is becoming the mandate. Behold: The "Progressive Movement".

    Socialism/pacifism by any other name…

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