Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Vultures Circle Virginia Tech

    Like vultures circling over so many carcasses the real scum of society continue to circle the Virginia Tech slaughter grounds. We are not surprised by who they are or the message they try and convey - they are scum without decency, without respect for the living students or parents - just their pet agendas and a crime scene to exploit.

    So who's been exploiting the dead at VTech? Just a few of many:

    Democrat Professor/poet Nikki Giovanni, a racist NAACP award winner and socialist civil rights activist (per her self-glorifying website), turned what should have been a focus on the tragedy into her personal platform to voice some socialist rant about Africa. She diverted her socialist speech with a "We will prevail" chant (which should have been the topic, not her personal agenda). You would think if she cared so much for Africa she'd be over there personally - and permanently.

    Democrat Senator Barack Hussein Obama keeps the racism alive by comparing the Virginia Tech slaughter to the joke-gone-bad of Don Imus. How sick and perverted and racist can you be Obama? Obviously he's counting on the artificially generated racial division to keep his campaign alive. What a perverted Obamination.

    The World Socialist Web Site exploits the 32 murders for their agenda - blaming freedom and capitalism as the "social roots of another American tragedy", and then continues with their usual and predictable Bush-bashing. Socialists are such scumbags.

    Anti-gun advocates were quick to exploit the dead calling for the end of the right to own a gun. Before the victims are even buried their march to disarm Americans sprung to the forefront. They didn't happen to mention how just last year VTech administration pushed through legislation that could have saved many of these victims - but sadly, no guns were permitted by legal citizens. Obviously Cho Seung-Hui didn't get that memo.

    Countries outside the USA have exploited the victims of this mass murder to push their call for the removal of guns from Americans, saying America is a violent country. These are the same jerks that want the USA to conform to some global law and abandon our own Constitution. Guess cars are next to go since they kill far more than guns. These same fools didn't happen to suggest taking explosives away from the wacko Muslims in Iraq. Talk about a double standard! (And more and more people keep coming to America to be free from these whining countries).

    NBC News - a big liberal media conglomerate that Cho entrusted with his social-liberal rant and final (ugly) pictures. Now, NBC merged it's logo and name over everything claiming it belongs to them - from a trusted friend. Anything for a buck!

    By their scumminess ye shall know them.

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