Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Showing Signs Of unIntelligence

    Lately there have been signs of barbarism - hateful speech to one's little girl, public humiliation of one's child, rallies that have the sole purpose of firing up control through the propaganda of hate and revenge. This transcends party lines - I've heard (so called) conservative talk show hosts standing up for belittling a child and liberals for racist hate rallies.

    Words are powerful, so I will take the three instances above and show you how I would have changed the situation for the better.

    Al Sharpton aide Perry McKinnon:
    …Because you've got whites on blacks. That's an easy way to stir up all the deprived people who would want to believe and who would believe …and all [you've] got to do is convice them that all white people are bad, then you've got a movement…
    Al Sharpton himself (early this month):
    …do you want to be the only nigger on television…, the only nigger in the newspaper, …don't talk to them 'cause if you stand next to the black man they would see you as the whore that you are… we talked mathematics before them Greek homos ever got around…
    My way: "We have to end our continuing attempts to keep racism alive. We have to focus on our children, make sure they are educated so they don't end up like we did. We have to advance academics and achievement, not promote social unrest. I will take the first step and terminate all my racist web sites and support for any racists organization."

    Alec Baldwin to his 11 year old daughter:
    …you have insulted me for the last time…, You've made me feel like shit…, thoughtless little pig…, I'm coming down there to straighten your ass out...
    This hasn't been the first time for this enraged socialist psycho - but to exhibit such hate toward your child - bad. You know it's really bad when Rosie O'Donnell stands up for you (one socialist standing up for another) - a big giveaway!

    My way: "Hi sweetie. You know I was going to phone so I'm worried that something is wrong, hope you are ok. Give me a call back when you can to let me know you're fine so I won't have to worry all day, ok? Have I told you how proud of you I am? Talk with you later, love you, bye."

    Connie the bitch should be fired - even sued. This person was a babysitter - not even a parent, and because the 10 year old boy under her care lied about doing his homework she made a sign saying I'm a triple L - Lazy Liar Loser, and then made the boy carry the sign to a public spot at a Wal-Mart store.

    How sick is that? It's so easy to berate children, humiliate them, make them feel like losers - that's the power adults have over children. The difficult part is not acting like a looser yourself and finding productive ways to motivate a child. People without a brain will take this road - this is why such people make poor managers. It's no different that humiliating a subordinate in front of co-workers.

    My way: Take the child to a tour of areas of town where the low-lifes are - the bums, the solicitors, the druggies, etc. Explain that these are people that chose to not do their homework, that this is what happens if you don't try hard enough. Ask the child if they want to become like these people.

    It also helps to be a part of your child's learning experience. Turn off the TV and read with your child or have them read to you. Let them pretend they are the teacher and they can teach you. Motivation, not humiliation, will result in a stronger and more confident child.

    Shame on all of you conservatives that chose the foolish way and agree with destroying a child's image.

    Shame on all you liberals that continue to promote racial hate.

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