Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Mandating Less Freedom

    I'm really getting a bit pissed at the ever-increasing loss of freedom for citizens of the USA. Now when I talk about freedom I'm referring to freedom of choice for adults - and it is that freedom that continues to erode. Instead of asking if you are better off than you were 20 years ago you should ask if you feel you have more freedom of choice than you did in the past.

    This post in not a rant on Democrats or liberals, so just read it before judging it. We all know most all Democrats favor big government, more taxes, bigger social handouts, and diluting the Constitution in favor of a "global rights" law.

    Did you know Conservatives are just as guilty of your loss of freedom? The Bush Administration's choice for commissioner of the FDA wants to really sock it to Americans - and do so hard. FDA Docket No. 2006D-0480 would lead to:
    • Growing and selling common garden herbs will get you arrested as a drug dealer
    • Massage oils and handheld massagers will be regulated as "medical devices."
    • Vegetable juice will be regulated as a drug
    • Weight machines will be regulated as "medical devices" and require FDA approval before being sold or used
    • Raw sprouts and other anti-cancer foods will be regulated as drugs
    • Bottled water that "treats" dehydration will be regulated as a drug
    • Massage therapists who use hot rocks as part of their therapy will have the ROCKS regulated as medical devices! (It's true. The FDA will actually look at a pile of rocks and declare, "Those are medical devices!")
    • Foods, supplements, vitamins and homeopathic remedies will disappear from store shelves, pending FDA "review."
    • Vitamin store owners will be arrested and prosecuted for "practicing medicine without a license."
    We must stop BIG BROTHER from getting BIGGER!

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