Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Liberal Retarded Hoes Gone Wild

    Wow, what a weekend for some liberal, wild, brain-dead whores - crazy man, uh crazy. Let's take a look at the warped minds of these DNA defects.

    Liberal Cindy Sheehan, troubled that she didn't attain the sustained fame as the liberal looney icon, resigned from her post as queen anti-troop "mother". Her fallen son, who re-enlisted to go back to Iraq, would have disowned his mother for sure. In protest over the defeat of Cindy some of her liberal followers torched and vandalized flags on the graves of Veterans - some replaced with Swastikas (a favorite label of liberals to call freedom fighters "Hitler" and such).

    Cindy Shithan will comeback - probably on one of the liberal stations like CNN, ABC, or CBS. There might even be a place for her on the reincarnated Air America.

    Liberal Rosie O'Donnell, drooling fat ugly dike without a connected neuron to think with, also resigned from her post as dweeb on Disney's The View. There is nothing flowery about this Rosie - unless you want to liken her to some toxic weed. This is another liberal bitch that hates the troops, and referred to them as terrorists on The View earlier.

    Rumors have it that Barbara Walters had a sexual encounter with O'Donnell earlier - talk about GROSS! Rosie's non-stop liberal retard raging rant has started a new term: "Rosio". Example usage: Hey, don't you go Rosio on me!

    Liberal Hillary Clinton, always the morpher, finally spells out her eager socialist goal. I always have equated liberals with socialists and now momma-liberal has announced that America needs to replace the "on your own" society with the socialist "we're all in it together" society. In other words, do away with personal responsibility and increase government far beyond its already bloated state.

    Learn the equation of liberals:

    Liberal = socialist = BIG GOVERNMENT = more taxes = more leaches = more mandates = less freedom = less personal responsibility = bad news

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