Friday, June 29, 2007

    I Know

    The attempted bombings in London - two known explosive vehicles - would have been extremely deadly to the innocent people should they have exploded.

    I know this attempt at mass murder was by Muslims. I know the profile of Muslims, what their goals are, and the barbarism they employ. I know their ultimate goals of destroying all non-believers, or at the least - putting us infidels in a place of paying homage to them - with our $$$. Remember that when our soldiers die while fighting for the Muslim nation of Iraq.

    The big mistake that England (and the USA) made was allowing so many Muslims to immigrate to their country. If a country wishes to improve their odds at staying safe they need halt the invasion of Muslims into their sovereignty - lest some day they wake to the sounds of Islamic prayer calls and Sharia law.

    The Supreme Court decision about forced integration. I know liberals don't like this - they'd prefer government forcing children around. Liberals prefer little or no choices for parents and children in the public school system. Liberals prefer to ignore equality and put one race above another - I know these things from the history of Liberalism. Liberals don't believe in equality, no matter what lies they tell.

    If you believe in racial equality you must practice it as well.

    Defeat of the illegal alien legislation? I know that bunch of crap was just that - crap. We have laws right now that are not being enforced, so any more laws about immigration would not be enforced either. They you have racists like Barbara Boxer and Kennedy et. al. all trying to label Americans that want laws obeyed and enforced as "racists".

    I know these socialist sluts and the tactics they employ. Their attempts to employ guilt as a motivator fails in the face of truth - that it is all about "legal" vs. "Illegal" - nothing to do with race. To those politicians with no brain, claiming we can't rid the country of at least 15 MILLION illegals, I say vote them out of office and get leaders that can think. Heck, even us common folk know if you enforce identification and stiff penalties on businesses that hire the illegal scum, fire state workers that hand out driver's licenses to illegals or provide handouts to illegals, etc. they will leave on their own.

    Besides - Congress already passed legislation for 700-miles of border fence to help reduce the invasion from Mexico. So where is the god damn fence you promised?!
    Poland rejected the EU charter on homosexual "rights". Amazing - in this day and age of anything goes, sex with horses, liberal diseases all around - that there is still a country with morals. Amazing... (I'll stop making Polish jokes!)
    Congradulations to Salman Rushdie - or should I say Sir Salman Rushdie - for being knighted. Just watch your back since all Muslims hate you and would like to see you dead. I haven't read his book "The Satanic Verses", but judging by the response it must be filled with some real truth about that cult that wants him dead.
    Not my originals, but for your weekend amusement (may contain advanced English):

    To catch Osama Bin Laden, Grandpa says:
    Spray Afghanistan with Viagra and the little prick will pop up!

    Q. Why does Osama Bin Laden collect goat shit?
    A. Because it's a great growing culture for anthrax, and it makes terrific deodorant.

    Q. Why did Osama fire Martha Stewart?
    A. She was unable to find fabric that went with stalagmites.

    Q. What do you call a Taliban with a goat and a sheep?
    A. Bisexual.

    Q. Why did the Taliban school alternate Sex Education classes with Drivers Ed.?
    A. They only had one camel.

    Q. What's another name for the DaisyCutter bomb?
    A. The TaliWhacker.

    Q. Why do the Taliban wear robes?
    A. A goat can hear a zipper a mile away.

    Q. Know what the Taliban do for fun?
    A. Sit around and get bombed

    "The Taliban is on the run and don't know where to go. Pakistan doesn't want them. Iran doesn't want them. Of course, they'll have no problem getting into this country." — David Letterman

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