Thursday, June 21, 2007

    I've Done A U Turn

    I received a CNN Breaking News email just over an hour ago - U.S. military reports the deaths of 14 troops in Iraq in the last 48 hours, including 5 in a Baghdad roadside bombing Thursday. I thought how awful for their families, but the fight for freedom in Iraq would have a price - right?

    I know Saddam is no more. The people of Iraq had elections and a new constitution now exists. Heck, a constitution should be worth fighting for - right?

    While I've been down in Mexifornia a good friend of mine suggested I check the Iraq constitution out (thanks GRF) - the full text, not someone's interpretation - so I did.

    It took less than 60 seconds to change my mind on this war in Iraq. I want our resources removed. I want our troops home. If there is a civil war that would result then just let it happen - we had our own civil war and dealt with it - let them have theirs.

    Most people were deceived by the first point in Chapter One:
    Iraq is an independent nation, and its system of government is a democratic, federal, representative republic.
    The claim of freedom of religion would be allowed but "Islam is the national religion". Iraq would be sovereign but "The country is part of the Islamic World and its Arab citizens are part of the Arab world".

    Now if you think their constitution is the law of the land you are very wrong.
    The constitution is the highest law of the land. No law may be passed that contradicts the constitution, the undisputed laws of Islam, or the principles of democracy.
    So the reality is our tax money, the lives of our military, our resources, all is going to establish an Islamic nation under rule of Shiria.

    The only way to be winners in this is to leave now and let those rug rats kill themselves. There is something awfully wrong in our troops dying for Muslims, for an Allah country - under Shiria Law and where true freedom would be in total conflict. What the hell happened to America?

    soldiers dying to establish an Islamic country - WRONG!

    American soldiers loosing their hands, legs, arms, burns, disable - to establish a solid Muslim country - WRONG!

    American taxes - billions - going to a new country where Article 2 of their constitution states "No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam" - WRONG.

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